Effica - When procurement needs to drive stakeholder value
This brandnew website is still under construction.We are constantly updating this site the coming weeks. 
Strategic procurement: the unique leverage to the ultimate company performance  
We believe that procurement is not yet fully exploited to deliver real share-and stakeholdervalue. That's why - with three seasoned procurement experts - we founded Effica . We help companies to achieve higher results by optimizing their (partially or fully) unlocked procurement power.
We strongly differentiate from other companies by:
* we deliver sustainable results and improvements at short AND long term
* we use very high ethical standards
* we only work with seasoned professionals with at least +10Y
* we have a much broader business scope
We deliver the following services to companies:
* Advisory services (cost reduction programs, risk reduction value creation by innovation)
* Implementation of advisory with commited reward systems
* Interim management
* Recruitment&Selection, Excecutive search
* Trainings
Please take contact as not all state-of-the-art solutions are published on this website. We prefer to share and discuss them with you personally.